Every month this happens. In fact, every year it happens 12 times. Today is no different… another month ends. Of course, this is obvious to all, but for me it is a final debrief on how another month of my life passed. Now I take a long look at what was and was not acco...

This year in 2018 I am writing more than ever before. I am writing in a daily journal, prayer journal, these new blog posts, a book, and screenplays galore.

This isn’t necessarily the highlight of 2018 but it is certainly one of my top goals. I always enjoyed writing ev...

When people ask me how many hours I work a week I find it a difficult question to answer as an artist. There is a calling on the artisan soul to always be awake to the story unfolding all around us second by second, detail by detail.

It is a necessity to have what I onc...

Good storytelling sometimes requires the author to, as the industry saying goes, kill your darlings.

I love this brutal expression. It is means that we have to get rid of our most precious, and especially self-indulgent, passages in a story for the greater good of the o...

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Storytelling and Life: When It’s Time To ‘Kill Your Darlings’

March 25, 2019

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