Hard Faith™ Films is a film production company established for the purpose of bringing compelling stories about the human condition to a film going audience in a way that artistically and speaks truth to this present generation in a fresh and powerful way.


The world needs quality entertainment that speaks truth boldly. We need stories that are set in real-world settings with characters that talk about the ultimate truth. We accomplish this with realistic, real world scenarios and real life characters.

Hollywood has been the masters of compelling storytelling for generations. These filmmakers of dramatic cinema have produced some of the worlds greatest existential films dealing with human existence.

Our desire is to make hard hitting, thought provoking secular films with characters who are portrayed as real life, flawed people who still find hope.

"Telling Stories That Liberate"

est. November 11th 2011



Director's Guild of America, Producer's Guild of America

Director Spencer T. Folmar's theatrical debut, "Generational Sins," has spurred a national debate surrounding the interplay of faith and film. FOX, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, Washington Times, CBN, Christian Post, and more have all joined the conversation in about the film's release. In response, Folmar coined the term "Hard Faith" to describe this new genre of film, written for audiences who are hungry for hope in the midst of gritty real-life stories. Folmar's career began at the ambitious age of 17 when he directed his film debut, "Fortified." Two years later, his second feature film, "Guilt & Sentence," would receive critical acclaim, winning festival awards and premiering to a sold-out audience. Folmar graduated from Grove City College with a BA in Communication Studies. During his post-graduate academic career, Folmar attended NYU for my MFA in film and also received my masters in theology from Reformed Theological Seminary. Currently releasing "Shooting Heroin" the first scripted narrative feature film on the opioid epidemic. 

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"Telling Stories That Liberate"

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