The Benefits of Writing Publicly

March 25, 2019

This year in 2018 I am writing more than ever before. I am writing in a daily journal, prayer journal, these new blog posts, a book, and screenplays galore.




This isn’t necessarily the highlight of 2018 but it is certainly one of my top goals. I always enjoyed writing ever since I was a little kid. I often used any small assignment as an excuse to write or continue developing a fictional short story. Today, I find writing as a very therapeutic and cathartic practice. If nothing else, when I write something down and share it with the world, it usually confirms to me that I am not completely crazy.


Writing helps me get my thoughts down on paper. Sometimes it flows from my mind and fingers and I feel like I have a masterpiece encapsulated when I read over my first draft. Other days (like with this week’s posts) I read over what I just typed out and have trouble figuring out what the heck I was trying to say. Regardless, every time I write I am reminded how liberating a process this can be.


My daily journal is a line a day for 5 years book that my sister got me. I have been quite sporadic with keeping up with it honestly. I think she got it for me almost five years ago, and I didn’t start it until I moved to Los Angeles two years ago. Then I missed most of 2017, so now I am damned determined to keep up with it this year (so far so good).


My “prayer journal” didn’t start off necessarily as being that cliché… but it was meant to just be a private journal to help me develop words around what I was feeling each morning. Although, it turned into a prayer or petition journal when I realized that I was addressing God in every passage. Some of these entries are overflowing with joy, crawling in the valley, or just recognizing the numbness of the daily grind. This book is unmarked and insignificant looking. I find these personal journals to be the most difficult to keep up with. My life often changes so often that I find it painful somedays to look back over past thoughts or goals that I had in another life. I think I’m growing in this area and will keep a hold of this one.


I wrote a book on “Hard Faith” back in January with heavy reliance on my sister to mostly dictate these thoughts to her. Now I have the ongoing task of revising this manuscript while my literary agent shops around the current edition to publishers. Hoping that this book is useful to Christian artists and trying to deconstruct the layers of expectations people have on these souls.


Then finally, screenplays! Screenplays, screenplays, screenplays. I wish I wrote more quickly and was more dedicated at this practice. I have written probably 17–20 screenplays in various forms throughout my life. Each one is very different, unique, and teeming with possibilities. I love beginning and ending a screenplay and imagining everywhere this story idea could go. Maybe one day this thought that only existed between my ears might end up on the big screen at a theater near you!


Well, I should get back to writing my next screenplay. Thanks for reading these musings, and look forward to reading what you write.


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