Bill is a native of Buffalo NY. Dr. William worked his way through college serving as an Emergency Medical Technician and as a salesman for North American Bankcard. Dr. William is a recent 2016 Graduate of Capella University holding a PhD in Business management , He also has a strong Christian Faith which has helped him survive immeasurable life challenges. Dr. William has been a Consultant and Controller for a major Real Estate investment firm and has recently changed paths to the film industry. Dr. William is an expert at Tax and Business Law as well as Budgeting, ROI Projections and much more. Dr. William worked on his first film being Generational Sins part of the Hard Faith focus. Dr. Grigsby is extremely motivated to continue his career working within the Hard Faith industry. 


Thurman Mason majored in Film and Mass Communications at Temple University in Philadelphia PA. Mr. Mason went on to found a New Jersey based Aerial Advertising service which he operated for 13 years before accepting an offer to sell. He is an accomplished aviator with over 16,000 hours of flight time ranging from experimental aircraft to large transport category passenger planes. He began his career in the financial services sector. Thurman and his wife Cathy worked for several large investment banking firms in various capacities such as management, mergers and acquisitions, and underwriting. 


Mark Joseph is a producer and author. From 2000 - 2005 he worked in development for Walden Media and Crusader Entertainment and managed a 9-member grass roots marketing team. He is (2015) currently producing the feature films Reagan, Tolkien & Lewis, Max Rose, and Silence Patton. He previously produced the film Doonby and has worked in the development and/or marketing of 40 films including The Chronicles of Narnia, Ray, Holes, I Am David, Because of Winn Dixie, Son of God, Little Boy and others. He is co-founder and a member of the board of directors of the Damah Film Festival and the Hiroshima International Film Festival.


Ryan Grow has directed and produced films all around the world.  Graduating from the prestigious LAFSC in 2006, he has had his hand in award-winning shorts, documentaries and feature films, including 2012’s “Ragamuffin” which was the highest rated faith film on Netflix. Ryan recently produced a series that is currently being licensed by the armed forces. Ryan worked on the Hard Faith Films' first original feature film, "Generational Sins" and has assisted on productions in various producer roles for motion pictures both on and off set. 


Chris & Tatia Cibelli joined Hard Faith Films in late 2016 in the finishing stages of post-production on "Generational Sins". The couple have been editing together for years and are Hollywood veterans. Chris's parents met on the set of "Singing in the Rain". Moving into feature films, he landed an editorial job that led to a long-term friendship with Academy Award winning editor Anne V. Coates known for classics like "Lawrence of Arabia", and "The Elephant Man". He has worked with such filmmaking luminaries as Francis Ford Coppola, Jerry Bruckheimer, Kathleen Kennedy, Michael Mann, and Danny DeVito. Chris and Tatie worked on  for Warner Bros. Television "The Mentalist". 


Jason Spanogle has worked in film, event, and project management for over 10 years.  Graduating from Grove City College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, Jason has done film production for 20th Century Fox, and he has helped produce multiple independent feature films.  He has participated in event and project management for conferences, tours, cruises, and concerts throughout the US and overseas.  He particularly enjoys the busyness of managing live events especially working on-set or at large conferences.  When Jason isn't traveling for work, he can be found coaching basketball, working out, or volunteering at his church.  Currently Jason is based in central Florida, but travels domestically often.


Tyler is our social media manager and designer, and produces most of the content you see on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Tyler is currently a junior at Grove City College, which is also where director and producer, Spencer T. Folmar graduated from! Tyler is currently working towards a Bachelor degree in Communication Studies and participates on the lacrosse team.  He currently lives in Youngstown, Ohio and enjoys hiking, and attending Minor and Major League baseball games in his free time. 

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